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Dogging is a worldwide activity that involves voyeurs, watchers, swingers and anyone who likes to be watched or even have people join in their sexual sessions. Some partners will drive to a carpark near or around thier local area, there are special Locations that people will use. Couples will go and park in these places and hope that other guys or ladies are watching them, the voyeurs (a person who watches) will genrally hide in a bush or a bit out of sight.

Dogging: Includes outdoor exhibitionism and car park sex. mostly taking place in lovers lanes, woods, forest's, country walks and car parks. Dogging involves exhibitionism and voyeurism.
The voyeurs (mostly men) and the exhibitionists (mostly couples or women) love to attract attention and invite people to join in.

If the couple wish that some of the guys join in they will open the car window and this is a signal that they can move in a play. You will find dogging pictures , stories movies and just about anything else you would need to know about the art of the doggers.

Giving new meaning to the term "flash mob," the British have invented a new sex craze called "dogging" that mixes sex, exhibitionism, mobs and the Internet.

Dogging combines technology with swinging, cruising and voyeurism. To wit: Crowds big and small watch exhibitionist couples who've met on the Net have sex in cars, and sometimes join in.

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Dogging appears to be popular and widespread, attracting heterosexual couples and single men and women of all ages, income brackets and backgrounds. Not surprisingly, however, dogging meets tend to attract more men than women.

Dogging is most often practiced in cars at rural parks, lover's lanes and superstore parking lots. The term dogging has a number of suggested origins, but it probably refers to the "walking the dog" excuse proffered to spouses for an evening's absence.

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