What is Dogging? What is Doggers? and Where can I find dogging locations for doggers in the UK?

Dogging Locations and Stories. What is dogging and who are doggers? Dogging, comes from the expression, "walking the dog". Its a term the covers outdoor exhibitionism, outside s.e.x and sexual car fun. We've set-up this Doggers Group after numerous requests from doggers asking for help finding dogging locations.

Dogging is a British euphemism for having sex (usually unprotected ) in a public place, typically a park . The people involved often do not know each other. Frequently, there are more than two participants; sometimes gangbangs occur. Observers are encouraged, thus making dogging a form of exhibitionism .

Another definition of Dogging, which is still closely related, is the act of spying on people having sex in a car or public place. This can become habitual, and some people even start clubs, earning points for how many different people they can view.

Dogging is very popular in the U.K and is all about exhibitionism in car parks and places where guys and girls stand by the car of couples or singles to watch a sexy show. Ok lets keep this simple, lets keep this short and sweet, no messin'.

If you're a Swinger you are probably all ready well aware of dogging, others of you may have come across it in the news , but for anybody who doesn't yet know.. Dogging is where large amounts horny guys and girls meet in public places (normally a car park ) across the UK and either have or observe exhibitionist sex. So for anybody looking to join the action Swinger, established dogger or newbie, British doggers lets you access by location our large database of exactly where across the UK the latest dogging sessions are taking place.

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